mindset self-care

Mindset Self-Care


I am a firm believer in self-care. I teach women all the time that real meaningful self-care is internal care that we must give ourselves daily. It wasn’t until now that I began to think about mindset self-care.


Your mindset is how you approach life. It’s made up of your beliefs, thoughts, actions, and experiences. What’s going on in your head matters because the stories you tell yourself and the daily habits create your reality which enforces your beliefs.


Mindset self-care is how you care and grow your mindset daily. Having a mindset self-care routine is as just important as your daily grooming routine. Please note…It’s not the same as having a self-care mindset, (which we will cover in another blog). Here a few ways you can begin to take care of your mindset that will become second nature if practiced daily.


Begin to cultivate self-awareness.


It’s often said, we cannot change what we do not see. Our fast-paced life has us going so fast that we are not consciously aware of how we might be sabotaging our own success.


When you become aware or conscious of your thoughts and beliefs, it’s like going from autopilot to manual control. When we take back the control, we get to decide how we will respond to a situation instead of reacting. We also get to decide if we will continue to allow those negative thoughts to keep playing over and over in our minds.



Practice being fully present.


You may know this as mindfulness which simply means intentionally being fully present in the moment. Many women go throughout their day worrying about their hectic schedule for the week or agonizing over something that didn’t get done last week, that we tend to be mentally absent from the present moment.


When we pay close attention to our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, we shine the light on areas that may have been overlooked in the past. Practicing mindfulness gives us an opportunity to immediately course correct when needed and bring our full attention to what’s happening now.


Schedule a date with your journal.


Journaling is a great way to learn about yourself. Seeing things on paper is a little different than just thinking about them. Reviewing your day and your thoughts can be a powerful tool for self-awareness, personal growth, and mindset self-care.


You can learn something from each day, but only if you have the intention of doing so. Journaling provides the insight to make positive changes in how you live, love, and lead.


I know some of this may sound foreign to you, especially if you haven’t done any of it before. I want you to understand the importance of your mindset because it’s where your success in anything you want to do begins.


If you know you’re capable of so much more success in life or you want to make a bigger impact, I’d love to help you create and align the right mindset to help you reach your goals.





About the Author


Marci Miles

Shamanic Guide & Doula

I come from a lineage of healers in this life and past lives.  I provide holistic spiritual support for terminally ill clients.