Are you feeling stressed or stuck in pain, grief, trauma, or loss?

Have you tried different things but still getting the same results. 

Use holistic energy healing medicine to help you awaken your body’s ability to heal and get unstuck.

There's a lot more to healing from stress, emotional trauma, and loss.

It's about understanding that taking a pill only manages the signs and symptoms of your illness.  Your body wants to be at ease in body, mind, and spirit.


  • Deal with the root cause of your illness, loss or emotional trauma.
  • Take charge of your health in a holistic way that incorporates you as a whole person- body, mind, and spirit.
  • Start living a life of freedom filled with joy and peace.

Your Healing Journey Begins With

1. Schedule a Free Sample Session

Let’s find time to talk and see if energy healing is right for you.

2. Activate Your Body's Healing

We tap into your own body’s natural healing potential.

3. Live the Life You Want to Live

Feel like you and start living the life of freedom, joy, and peace.

What They Say

Marci is the best! I’ve done Reiki sessions with her and took her Reiki I class last year in addition to working with her as a life coach. She knows what she’s doing and won’t lead you wrong. I love that she comes from a medical and science-based background (like me!), and she really helped demystify the concept of energy healing for me. I’m looking forward to taking her Reiki II class in a few weeks too! Book a session with Marci for any of her services – you truly won’t regret it! She’s warm and welcoming, and there’s always something to learn from her wealth of unparalleled knowledge and the super helpful tips she shares along the way.

Melissa C. Client
Melissa C.

Marci perfectly blends her expertise in coaching, Shamanism, and Reiki to provide a holistic experience to truly help you gain an understanding of your challenges, obstacles, and ways to move forward through them. She is trustworthy, supportive, and very grounded. I would highly recommend Marci as a professional, holistic practitioner for your well-being needs.

Laura H. Client
Laura H.

I have had the privilege of working with Marci for many years; watching her through her own mindfulness journey and then seeing the positive impact she has on others in their own mindfulness and self care experience. Because she has “walked the walk”, she connects to others in a way that is soul to soul. It is life changing. Our company recently held two regional meetings featuring Marci as the main speaker. The comments that came back reflect well the experience. “Loved Marci’s presentation; strong and positive. Marci is amazing. Thank you for bringing her today! Great meeting. I love the mindfulness tips. The self-care talks and toolkits were much needed. Life Coach Marci Miles was great. She always leaves me feeling empowered and hopeful.” I highly recommend Marci, whether it’s for company staff development, or for your own personal experience. You will be better for knowing Marci. I am.


I can’t speak highly enough about the information and coaching provided by Marcelletta Miles. I’ve had the opportunity to attend several sessions with Marci and each and every time, she says something that causes me to evaluate what makes me truly happy, whether I’m being my best self, and whether I’m in my “genius” zone or not. If you don’t know what that means, she is definitely the person to have explain it. It is a blessing to listen as she shares her wisdom and insight. She truly has a gift and I’m glad that she found her “genius” zone and we all get to benefit from it. Thank you, Marci, for helping so many over the years.


Marci has been a blessing to me for the past 8 years. We worked together, then she was my mentor, and most recently a huge encouragement in a business venture. Every step of the way, her words of wisdom and encouragement has made me a better team player and leader. I thank God for her example of hard work and dedication and all the time she has invested in our lives! Thank-you Marci!


I'm Marci

The Energy Healing Doula

I too was frustrated with my own lack of true healing from chronic disease, stress, emotional wounds, and loss.

My years of experience as a nurse,  training in energy healing, and intuitive gifts are integral in my approach to our work together.  I work with people who are ready to move forward in life and move forward in death.

How Energy Healing Works

Think of a vegetable garden...

Counseling, coaching, journaling, etc. is like cutting weeds down in your garden.  They may or may not continue to grow.  Shamanic medicine is like pulling up the weeds from the root so they won't grow back.  Reiki provides the fertilizer to nurture and heal what's left in your garden.


We’ll combine these specialty areas to create the life you want.


Master Mindset

Feeling stuck? Create the right mindset to align your mind body and spirit for optimal healing and health.


Energy Healing

Feeling stagnant or weighed down?  Clear energy blocks and align your mind body and spirit for optimal healing and health.

Self Care


Feeling empty?  Cultivate a self-care regimen so you can be at your best at all times for yourself, family, and friends.