Mindset Matters

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There are different types of mindsets that can either help you unleash your highest potential or contain your highest potential. You’ve probably heard of an abundance mindset vs. scarcity mindset or a productive mindset vs. defensive mindset. What about a fixed mindset vs. growth mindset? Ultimately, mindsets are your own personal power source that fuels everything you do.


Now every mindset can work in a dual manner. For instance, while your individual mindset can open doors for you, it can also set serious limitations based on your beliefs and approach in different scenarios.


This means that just as mindsets can help you spot opportunities, they can equally trap you in self-defeating cycles as well. The stories that you tell yourself and the things that you believe about yourself can go either way.


First off, if you become trapped in a negative or limiting mindset then your mindset will prevent change from happening in your life. But if you develop a positive mindset then you allow new skills to blossom.


Because your mindset holds your set of beliefs, it has immense potential to make a difference in your life. For most people, their beliefs are the core of their efforts. As such, beliefs distinguish people who are successful at what they do as opposed to others who continually struggle.


These beliefs form the basis of where your abilities come from. Just think about your talents, your intelligence, and your personality. Do you consider these traits to be simply fixed and permanent, or do you think these are aspects that you can cultivate and improve on through life?


The rigidity or flexibility about these beliefs is what determines your mindset.


Having the right mindset for any particular task is a prerequisite for success. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, student, entrepreneur, or on your own self-improvement journey, you need the right mindset to be successful at what you do.




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  1. Kristen Reed

    Thank you for this eloquent article reminding us of the types of mindsets and how they hold are personal power! I really enjoyed it, and am a firm believer in mindsets for our success!

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