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What is Reiki


Reiki is a natural energy healing method that is based on the fundamentals of Universal Life Force Energy. This life energy force uses Chi, known as the force of the universe, as its application to create a strengthening.


Reiki is done by a trained practitioner who, with their hands on a person’s body, allows their energy to flow through that person. Those that follow this practice believe that the energy knows where to go and what to heal. It is believed that the energy is obtained through this person performing this. In order for Reiki to be effective the recipient must be willing to accept the healing energy.


Healing in the Reiki practice is defined on somewhat different terms than what healing means to most of us. The Reiki healing is looked upon as a wholeness of ourselves. The wholeness of ourselves simply means to the best of our capabilities. Limitations in our capabilities are caused by negative feedback and our settling into specific types of behaviors based on receiving this negative feedback. These limitations may include behavioral patterns, eating patterns, psychological or emotional strongholds that have caused us to live, love, or express ourselves in a certain way that is out of the ordinary from our natural selves.


In order for the healing to take place and reach our optimal selves we must first understand our problem and limitation and work through it or around it. It must release its hold on us in order to let the energy healing to take place. The person who suffers from this hold on themselves must understand that they are capable of letting go.


This Japanese method of healing has become increasingly popular and more readily accepted here in the US and in various healthcare settings. It can relieve stress and provide relaxation, as well as provide various other health benefits. It is a well-known form of therapy for detoxifying the body, effective in the healing of nutrition depletion, and mental stability. It also helps us to sleep better, helps with asthma, skin conditions, and migraine headaches, can lower our blood pressure, boost our immune system, and slow down aging.


A Reiki practitioner is trained to know exactly where to place their hands for each condition that requires healing. This life energy force does the rest of the necessary healing with the practitioner waiting for any possible signs of any other hand placement instructions.


As with any form of treatment, alternative or otherwise, it is always advisable to consult with your physician prior to attempting any form of treatment for safety reasons.


About the Author

Marci Miles

Shamanic Guide & Doula

I come from a lineage of healers in this life and past lives.  I provide holistic spiritual support for terminally ill clients.