Practicing Mindfulness Will Help During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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We’re being constantly informed with information about the coronavirus on a minute by minute basis. And what’s most concerning is that we don’t have a cure for it. That’s what’s so scary for most of us and it’s sending many people into a state of fear and panic.  


As our lives begin to be impacted by the coronavirus with school closings, cancelations of concerts and events, mandated work-from-home policies, and the rising coronavirus cases, our stress levels can also begin to go up.


During this time of stress, we can practice mindfulness to keep us grounded, calm, strong, and healthy. When we engage fully in the HERE and NOW, we can let go of anxiety, stress, and frustration. Our bodies and minds will feel more at ease.


Practicing mindfulness can slow down our heart rates, lower blood pressure,  improve the function of our immune system, and promote restful sleep. 


A great way to bring us back to the present moment is to get quiet by turning off the TV and phone.  Find a quiet comfortable place to sit and focus on the breath and breathe slower than usual. Turn our attention to each inhalation and exhalation. As the air enters and leaves the body, imagine filling yourself with hope, healing, and blessings and releasing negative thoughts, frustrations, and habits.


We can also practice the attitudes of mindfulness. Practice non-judging as we begin to observe our thoughts without making judgments as good or bad or right or wrong.  


Practice acceptance by accepting feelings even when they make us uncomfortable or irritable.  


Practice patience as we wash our hands longer or we are quarantined in our homes during the next few weeks. Use this time to practice generosity and gratitude.  


Mindfulness and meditation are known to provide sustainable support for stress and anxiety, especially during this time of a world health crisis. Today, let’s focus our awareness on the present moment and become grounded, calm, and strong during this coronavirus outbreak. 


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  1. kristen reed

    Great article! I especially like how you mentioned practicing patience with hand washing-as this can be a physical reminder for us to take a deep breath and be in the moment. Thank you!


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